Details about contacting the media.

The calls letters and emails to the media and their advertisers should simply be an expression of who you are and what you expect as an American citizen. We expect a certain level of integrity in our media. When they are lacking that integrity we MUST hold them accountable.
Simply be yourself. Express your feelings and beliefs about the situation. Even if you stumble a little.

We all have unique ways of phrasing things and unique ways of understanding, your way of saying something may be exactly what another person needs to understand the situation.

Be nice.

The person that makes the decisions will not be the one answering the phone or reading the letters. That person may actually be conservative.

Being rude or vulgar will not help the process at all, let’s leave the bad behavior to the liberals.

I am not going to even try to show anyone how to look up the names and numbers of the companies. The primary reason for this is diversity. I have my way of going about it, others may have different ways. With enough people we will find all the usable contact information.

Nobody should write lots of letters or emails to any one business. Hundreds of letters to one company could be viewed as harassment. Writing to many emails to the same company will get you blocked.

Nobody should widely distribute company contact information they have looked up. Sharing with a few friends is OK. If someone got the incorrect information it would be a bad thing if the wrong people received lots of negative feedback.

The actual media companies should be contacted, but if you can only make a few calls or write a few letters , the advertisers are the weak link.
With enough negative feedback they will pull the account.

We need to get off our butts and make it clear that this country was created for the people by the people.

We must stand up for ourselves now.
If we wait to long, bloodshed will be required to take back our country.