Other sites, other countries.

The globalist push for a one world government is truly global.
I believe that the people in every free country should be working at keeping their media and politicians honest.

Any content of this website can be used for a similar website in other countries.
I would be honored if MediaStrike.( Your Country ) was used.

I will be using several different social media platforms in order to try to maintain continuity as the globalists try to shut me down.

If the globalists take me out , please don’t let this movement die out.

Society as we know it depends on keeping the free world free.

I would suggest that anyone that has a website copy the parts of this website you think are important. If they take me out , create a small website similar to this one.
A large number of small websites will be hard to suppress.
The only problem with lots of small websites is there is no one place to go and say,” let’s do it this way……..”

This website is about stopping the Globalists from taking over the world.
It is not about money.
I do have a donation button. I do hope to get lots of donations, but those donations should be a way of saying thank you for the work being done here or to help me be able to spend more time on this cause.