What if a majority of the people that are sick of Globalist controlled media and corrupt politicians decided to take a stand and call for change.

We are by far the majority.

Liberals are pretending to be the majority, but they are just good at making themselves heard, and they have the media on their side.

The constant hate from the liberals is forcing moderates to make a choice.
The Hate Trump platform is driving people to become more conservative. Only a small percentage of people can keep hating for long periods of time without substantial proof that the hate is deserved.
The Mueller investigation is a desperate attempt to find something to serve as that proof.

Enough people making phone calls and writing letters has proven to make a difference many times in the past.
Often thousands of letters would be enough.

If this idea was to go viral we would have hundreds of thousands of letters.
We could strongly suggest that Hillery and Podesta need to be included in the investigations using the same vigor that they are using on Trump.

WE THE PEOPLE need to speak up. Before it is to late.