Details about the Globalists

I am not going to go into enough detail to list organizations or names. There is plenty of information out there if you Google New World Order or One World Government.

The label ” Conspiracy Theory ” is similar to the term ” Islamaphob” each term was created in order to redirect the attention of the masses away from the obvious truth.

There have always been people seeking ultimate power. Recently many of these groups of people have been working together.
They have managed to gain control of most of the elected officials in most of the developed world.
This is why the the universal response of government’s to Islamic terrorist activity is to minimize percieption of the problem.

The media is also controlled by the globalists, so they either play down the impact or avoid relating it to terrorism.

The people streaming into the European Union from Seria and other Muslim countries are clearly not refugees. There would be a substantial number of woman, children and elderly if they were refugees.
They are almost all young healthy men. They are soldiers.

There elected officials seem to be blind to the fact that they are being invaded. In fact many laws are biased in favor of the soldiers. In the media political correctness is more important than the safety of the people.