CNN has long been been one of the leaders of the globalist propaganda media.
They have recently lost their credibility with all but the far left by shooting themselves in the foot.
Because of there loss of credibility it should be relatively easy to take them out.
If WE THE PEOPLE call, email and write to their advertisers expressing dissatisfaction with them because of their support of CNN it is very likely they will quickly pull their advertising.

This is a perfect opportunity for WE THE PEOPLE to practice making our voices heard. One of the biggest problems Trump has is the constant propaganda from the globalists media.

Stopping CNN is the best thing that WE THE PEOPLE can do for Trump TODAY.
Once we Take out CNN we can then start working on the rest of the globalist media.

We can’t stop CNN by just talking about it.
Action is needed.
We have to get as good at making our voices heard as the liberals.

First CNN, then the rest of the globalist media, then the deep state.