Over 240 years ago our Forefathers created a great country.
A country based on freedom equality and diversity.

Our great country is being put at risk by secretive organizations that seek to undermine government’s worldwide in order to achieve One World Government.

These organizations are using sedition corruption and manipulation to gain their objective.

A government arrived at by these methods will never be a government for the people.
A government achieved by corruption and greed will enslave the people.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The foot soldiers in this attempted takeover seem to be Muslims.
This is the reason the left and our politicians are so forgiving of anything Muslims do.

The primary way these subversive groups are controlling the left is through the media. They know that people will believe what they see over and over.
We see Trump Bashing on almost all major media outlets.
This constant Trump Bashing is driving the division in our country.

Our media should serve the people, but it currently serves only the globalists.

At first glance it looks like nothing can be done to fix our corrupted media.
It is the job of the media to report the news as it is.
It is not the job of media to make up the news or to report only the news that fits the Globalist agenda.

Media that serves only those that would enslave us needs to be eliminated.
No media at all is better than subversive media.

The way to take back our media is to simply make our voices heard through letters phone calls and emails.
No company wants to deal with lots of negative feedback.
Advertisers in particular don’t want negative feedback, they want their advertising dollars to have a positive impact on the bottom line.

WE THE PEOPLE can take back our media.
If a majority of people that understand how damaging subversive media can be commit to spending 1 hour a week making calls writing letters and emails we can bury the media in feedback.

Once the media fold for lack of advertisers or decide that integrity is better than corruption we need to stay vigilant.
We need to teach our children and grandchildren how to make their voices​ heard.
We must never let the media be used as a tool against us again.